Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship?   At this time we are only offering local delivery and pickup for produce to ensure the freshest product possible. Grow kits are made-to-order and are shipped anywhere in the US.

What is Mycelium?   Mycelium is the living organism that produces mushrooms. Not exactly, but essentially a mushroom is to mycelium what a flower is to a plant. 

What is Spawn?   Spawn or grain spawn is grain that has been processed and colonized by mycelium that can be used to grow your own gourmet mushrooms! Get creative! Stuff some oyster mushroom spawn between a straw bail and water daily for a low-maintenance experiment! Or if you're up to the task, you can make your own wood chip mushroom bed! Our how-to videos will make it easy and fun. Don't have the time? No problem! We also provide ready-to-go gourmet grow kits. Just cut the bag and mist 2-3x daily for results

What about "shrooms"?   While we recognize recent data being presented supporting the potential benefits of psychoactive mushrooms and their possible clinical applications, we respect the due process required for legalization. Psilocybin is currently a Schedule I substance and any requests for active products will be ignored without any regard.