Our story

I started Fungi Fresh Farms with one goal in mind, to provide a quality product to chefs, restaurants, and other consumers while doing something that I love. My interest in mycology began about 5 years ago with identification, photography, and taxonomy; and eventually moved toward cloning wild specimens of oyster mushrooms from local parks and growing them. Eventually having too much produce on my hands, I sold what I could and gave the rest away feeling great about giving people food that was sustainably sourced, free of pesticides, packed with nutrients, and grown on the family farm. That's when the vision for Fungi Fresh Farms was born. From humble beginnings  in 2019, we're now capable of providing a vast array of high-quality gourmets for all culinary applications! 

Josh - Founder of Fungi Fresh Farms



Our Des Moines Register article covered by Elle Wignall is available here :)